Goa Water Sports
Water sports are a prime and exciting option on a vacation in Goa. Goa's splendid coastline, rivers and lakes make it the perfect place for some thrilling aquatic sport activities.

Surfing, snorkeling, jet-skiing, boogie boarding, scuba diving, water-skiing, parasailing, windsurfing, and deep sea fishing are just some of the water sports that can be enjoyed here! And the best part about enjoying water sport in Goa is that all you need is loads of enthusiasm and you'll have an absolutely unforgettable time.
Some of the most popular aquatic sports in Goa are a swishing ride on a water scooter or a speedboat at Dona Paula or a leisurely sail on a paddleboat on the picturesque Mayem Lake.

Other exciting watersports like scuba diving off Grand Island or paragliding are available at Arambol beach or Bogmalo beach.

To enjoy these sports, one has to have the grit and should be done under expert guidance and even if one is a newcomer to these sports, one can get expert instructions to learn and enjoy the thrill of diving or para gliding.