Water Sports in Goa
Goa is famous for its adventure. It is more famous among water sports lovers. These water sports are a blend of surfing and sailing where surfer has to adjust his strength and balance to the changing patterns of wind and water.

Every year, private and government organizations conduct regular water sport activities including training courses at a very less rate for tourists. The best time to enjoy water sports in Goa is from October to May when the sky is cloudless and blue. On the other remaining months, facilities for these sports remains mostly closed due to heavy rainfall.

Some of the water sports visitors can enjoy in Goa are:

Water Sports
Blessed with rivers, backwaters and a long coastline, Goa is ideally located for water sport activities like sailing, para sailing, wind surfing, etc.

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Water Skiing
There is a difference between water skiing and surfing on the waves. While the latter requires only a surfboard and the hands are free, the former requires a speed boat and the skier must firmly grip the towrope.

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Wind Surfing
A unique combination of sailing and surfing, wind surfing sport is a sport that is sure to set your pulses racing. It can indeed be an elating experience for a person who has learnt the perfect nuances of this water sport.

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Parasailing is a much sought after sport in Goa. People who love to soar high like a bird and have a bird's eye view of the coastline and the vast sea should try the parasailing sport.

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