People and Culture of Goa
What is the basic element of enjoying life to the fullest? It is the art of good living, which is predominantly seen in Goa. The people of Goa have uniqueness about them. They are the followers of merry-making and love to enjoy every moment of their life.

Goans lay a great emphasis on singing and dancing, which can be seen at any point of hour. From humming a Portuguese tune in the day time to take it as a profession and perform on cruises, Goans love to live life in a musical way.
Along with this, Goans are also fond of delectable food and include a lot of sea food in their daily routine. In fact, the tourists can taste a variety of sea food dishes, with trying their hands on Bahami and Konkani delicacies also. The tourists can clearly see the effect of cultures that came in contact with the Goans.

It is the rice, fish and coconut that forms the base of every plate in Goa. An outcome of the mixed influence of cultures is that every dish of Goan cuisine is exceptionally tasty and prepared with extreme care.

Another thing that is famous about the people of Goa is their way of enjoying nightlife. Interestingly, every third house in Goa has a bar and restaurant that welcomes tourists and locals heartily.

Apart from this, the discotheques in Goa can also be seen packed with locals and vacationers dancing to the tunes of jazz, techno, classic, trance and various other types of music. Unlike other parts of India, there are numerous families in Goa that can be seen enjoying night outs.

Such is the culture of Goa that has a touch of merriment in every respect. Well, it is not that, Goa is always concerned about singing or dancing. There is a religious side to Goa also. With so many churches and temples, the Goans celebrate all the festivals with equality.

Whether it is a Christian festival, Muslim festival or Hindu, Goans believe in giving equal respect to all. In fact, one will never see any issues surging on the matters of religious differences. Overall, Goa is a place that can be seen as a blissful paradise.