Festivals in Goa
Goa is famous for celebrating fairs and festivals with a great pomp. Be it a Muslim festival, Christian or Hindu, each one of them is given equal weightage. In fact, fairs and festivals are the right time to see Goa in full splendor, singing, dancing and enjoying every moment of it.

One can see Goa dressed in vibrant colors and taking out processions based on every festival and fair. A complete respect is given to the traditions and festivals are celebrated with proper traditional methods.
The fairs in Goa are seen as the perfect time to unwind from hectic work schedules and enjoy various types of games. Similarly, the festivals in Goa are seen as a perfect example of communal harmony. Such moments are celebrated with sumptuous feasts all over the place.

During the festivals, each and every colony is decorated with streamers and other materials to express the importance of that event. After all, music, celebrations and equal respect to every religion lies in the heart of Goan people.
Bonderam Festival
The Bonderam festival is light-hearted harking back to the animosity that existed between two wards of a village during the Portuguese era. The two wards, Piedalda and Sao Mathias, in Divar Island used to engage in bitter feuds over property issues that often led to bloodshed and even death.

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Feast of St. Francis Xavier
The Feast of St. Francis Xavier commemorates the death of St. Francis Xavier, patron saint of Goa. Fondly called the Goincho Saib or the Lord of Goa, St. Xavier was a Spanish Jesuit missionary who preached Christianity in many parts of Asia.

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Feast of Three Kings
The Feast of Three Kings is unique among the scores of Christian festivals celebrated in Goa. The festival, also known as the Festa dos Reis or the Holy Epiphany, is celebrated in many parts of Goa but the most colorful ones are held in the Reis Magos church in Verem and the chapel of Our Lady of Cures in Cansaulim.

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Ganesh Chaturthi in Goa
Ganesh Chaturthi is the most important festival celebrated in Goa. Observed as the birthday of the elephant-god Ganesha in the Hindu pantheon, Ganesh Chaturthi festival is marked by traditional fervor and gaiety. A festival with a pan-Indian spread, Ganesh Chaturthi in Goa holds the seat of pre-eminence among all other festivals.

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Goa Carnival
The Goa carnival is synonymous with the state of Goa and is the manifestation of the quintessential fun-loving spirit of Goan's at its sublime best. Largely a legacy of the Portuguese era, the Goa carnival has transcended the confines of its religious roots.

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One of the most colorful festivals in Goa, Shigmo is celebrated by the Hindu majority with joyous festivities and elaborate parades. On the eve of Shigmo, usually observed in the month of March, a fiesta of color and rich cultural heritage unfolds across the length and breadth of Goa.

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Zatra of Shantadurga
A very important event in Goa is the Zatra of Shantadurga. It is basically a colorful procession that is taken out in places like Mapusa, Pernem, etc.

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Goa Christian Festivals
The Portugal rule in Goa left a deep and ever lasting Christian influence in this state of India. At that time, people were converted to Christians on a large scale.

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Hindu Festivals
Hinduism is the pre-dominant religion in Goa. Though the long years of Portugal have left the Christian influence on Goa, yet Goa has not forgotten its roots and maximum people follow Hinduism.

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Muslim Festivals
Goa does not quite have a sizeable Muslim population and it ranks after Hindus and Christians. Though there are not many Muslim festivals in Goa, the main ones are celebrated with much joy and enthusiasm.

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