About Goa
The mention of Goa is seen in Mahabharata as Gomanta Kingdom, a realm for cow herds and nomadic tribes. It became a part of Mauryan Empire in 3rd century and water later ruled by Satavahana dynasty.

After the Satavahanas, it was Chaluka dynasty that took over Gomanta. This shows that Goa has been witnessing a lot of invasions and take overs from dynasty to dynasty.
From Chalukas, Goa slipped into the hands of Bahami Sultanate. Though, it was snatched away by Vijay Nagar rulers; Goa was re-conquered by Bahami Sultans. When this dynasty collapsed in 1492, Goa came under the hands of King Adil Shah. From him, Goa was snatched away by Portuguese, who continued to rule over Goa after Indian independence too.

It was Afonso de Albuquerque, the Portuguese Admiral, who started working towards lowering the taxes and interest rates levied on Goans. This administered his roots in Goa. In fact, his successors also worked towards eradicating the social evil of Sati practice (Widow-burning). Along with this, the Portuguese had also set-up spice trade and other materials from Archipelago.

They also flourished in the trade of silk, Chinese porcelain and velvet. The empire of Portuguese started gaining importance in Goa and was successful in establishing their roots. This time period also witnessed the slave system. The buying and selling of slaves was quite common and the rich people used to buy them for every sort of manual work. The Catholics of Goa enjoyed Portuguese citizenship as this province was made a part of Portuguese.

During this time, Goa saw the invasion of Dutch empire, who tried to take away Goa from Portuguese in vain. Even, the Marathas tried to invade Goa; but were defeated by the new viceroy. In 1787, some of the priests in Goa rebelled against Portuguese government.

On gaining independence in 1947, India asked Portuguese to handover Goa to the Indians. And they refused to do so, insisting India to use force for expelling Portuguese people from Goa.

With the help of Satyagrahis, India instituted a blockade against Goa, Daman and Diu. Finally in 1961, under the umbrella of "Operation Vijay", Indian troops entered Goa's border with land, air and sea strikes. This forced Portuguese to handover Goa to the Indian government.
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